Not much has changed in the aggregate business since the first big rock was crushed into small ones.

Based in the granite capital of the world, Elberton, Georgia, Ideal Aggregate’s focus is innovation.  We produce standard aggregate materials such as #4’s, GAB, 57, Rock Chips, Baby Surge and Rip Rap. Our company name represents our goal of introducing new blends of aggregate that require less product to achieve the same or superior results than standard products above.

Using less product means less delivery costs which often exceeds the price the aggregate that is being delivered. Our blends are as simple as mixing different sizes and types of rock to as complex as adding many different additives to achieve our targeted range of strength, compaction, durability, or aesthetics. Here are some examples of our proprietary blends to demonstrate how they work to save money and time.

  • Farm & Forest Road Blend (FFRB) is far superior than #4s alone. FFRB is much more durable and packs down smoother. Traditionally a load of #4s are spread then topped later with 57 stone for a combined cost of $32 per ton PLUS 2 DELIVERY CHARGES!  FFRB is being introduced for $14 a ton and requires only one application and ONE DELIVERY CHARGE. Plus you are buying directly from the quarry, you arrange delivery…no middlemen. 
  • PermaPack Blend is a superior replacement for GAB aka Crusher-Run. It is a complex blend of 1.5 inch or smaller granite stone, sand, granite dust, limestone, clay and other proprietary materials to produce an aggregate that can be spread thinner and last longer than GAB. PermaPack produces an ultra smooth and compact surface that does not wash away over time like GAB best of all it’s being introduced for $12.00 per ton plus delivery.
  • Showcase Blend consist of blue-gray Granite Chips and 57s. This blend was created to be beautiful as chipped slate but have the durability of 57 stone. Showcase blend will achievie100% compaction and still remain porous. It is perfect for driveways, parks, roads, parking lots, trails, cart paths or when appearance definitely matters. Call 706-BUY-ROCK for pricing and availability.